Before Trump incited violence at our US Capitol, he had been long been undermining our Democracy.  As you may have heard; Russia meddled with our 2016 election. Many in Trump's circle with Russian ties have been indicted by the DOJ (Many of which, Trump has pardoned). Despite the evidence, the former President continues to deny Russia's attack, and has been impeached, having withheld military aide to Ukraine in order to receive dirt on a political opponent, as well as to a help deny Russia's attack on the 2016 US Election.  During the Trump administration- All roads led to Russia. 


We here at GOP Hack Job encourage you to research.  When presented with damning evidence, Senate Republicans refused to look any further evidence,  or listen to Key witnesses, as they considered whether to remove the President from office.  All Senate Republicans, but two voted to not to allow witnesses during the trial to remove the impeached President.  Only one voted to convict.  This goes beyond Trump.  It's country before party.  GOP leaders failed- with  the exception of one brave Senator.   The Senate Republicans once again are likely to fail America by refusing to hold Trump accountable for inciting the Seditious Terrorist attack that occurred  on our nation's capitol (January 6th) .  The party of Lincoln will forever remembered as the party of Putin and the party of Sedition.


Educate yourself.  Stay engaged.  Be vocal.     


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get active

Indivisible is a great resource for those of you that would like to be politically active with-in your community.


Common Cause is another resource for initiatives that span all levels of government from local to federal.


MoveOn also a great resource for those of you that would like to be politically active.

get informed

If you would like to learn  more, we recommend these great resources:

The Asset Podcast is a comprehensive explanation of Trump's connections to Russia.  We strongly recommend everyone listen to this. If you don't know much about the subject, you'll come out the other side well informed.  Start at the first episode.

The Moscow Project  Follows Trumps historic and current ties to Russia . It is a great resource.


A short, but informative video from the Moscow Project  Link to Video


PBS produced an episode of Frontline entitled "Trump's Showdown" Link to Video


We also recommend the documentary "Active Measures" Link to Website


If you would like to learn more about Vladimir Putin and his motives; PBS produced a two-part series entitled "Putin's Revenge" Link to Video Ep 1

Link to Video Ep 2

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