10. December 2019
Today the House released two Articles of Impeachment which address the President’s Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress. These two articles have solid grounds. The question is not whether the President committed these violations of his Oath- He most certainly did. The question is whether Congress and the Senate think this betrayal of Oath and betrayal of the Constitution is OK- It most certainly is not. We say this often, because we sincerely believe it: We all have a responsibility to...
07. November 2018
Tonight Americans cast their final votes. Record breaking turnout for a mid-term election. Because we let our voices be heard; we will now have a check on the President in the House of Representatives. This gives the ongoing Russia Investigations a chance to continue. The House Intelligence Committee will have new leadership with Adam Schiff. This is a very important win for the country, but our work is not done. There will be fierce challenges from our Republican leaders to the Special Counsel...
27. July 2018
We encourage folks to get active, and make their voices heard. Together we can be a force. Be strong, be informed, be present; Most importantly-vote. The midterms are coming up. Put it in your calendar. Schedule a time. Early vote if you can. Visit www.iwillvote.com to see if you are registered and to register if you are not. Vote like your future depends on it- because it does.
17. July 2018
Yesterday marked a day that will be remembered as the day an American president betrayed his country. If you are an American- you need to ask yourself whether you will stand up for your country, or if you stand with a foreign leader that is actively attacking your sovereignty. It's time to ask those in power if they feel the same way. Do they feel that Americans should remain sovereign, or should we take orders from an ex KGB agent via the president.