Articles of Impeachment


Today the House released two Articles of Impeachment which address the President’s Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress.  These two articles have solid grounds. The question is not whether the President committed these violations of his Oath- He most certainly did.  The question is whether Congress and the Senate think this betrayal of Oath and betrayal of the Constitution is OK- It most certainly is not.


We say this often, because we sincerely believe it: We all have a responsibility to be informed and be vocal.  Now, it is critical that we all be vocal.  Do not let Republican Congresspeople glide through the upcoming vote.  They will seek comfort in casting a Party-line vote- don’t let them.   Call them, write them- Let them know that a vote against Impeachment is a vote against the founding principals of America.  Everyone will be focused on the Senate, but the first step to moving the Senate is to move the Congress.  If they take their Oath seriously- The pressure of over 200 years of American history needs to bear heavily on their shoulders. If they are in it just for power- Let them know they will be voted out.  Be Loud- Get friends to be loud- inundate their phones, their Emails, their mailboxes.  Fight for what is right. Fight for the Soul of this Country !